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Page updated on Tuesday 6 February 2024

Biography (Short Version)

Timo Pratskin is a Finnish born keyboard player and composer.
Hes recorded and / or played with Pekka Pohjola, Tuppu Orrenmaa,
Billy Cobham, Tower of Power, Seppo Tyni, Pepe Ahlqvist H.A.R.P.,
Jarmo Nikku, Jeff Healey, Fissio, Antti Kotikoski, Richard Hallebeek,
Jaan Wessman, Ilkka Niemeläinen Instinct, Jarmo Hynninen, Dana Fuchs, Bill Öhrström, Layla Zoe, Maria Hänninen, Rekku Rechardt,
Jan-Olof Strandberg, Lauri Porra and many other great musicians from all over the world.

Selected bits and pieces of events over the years