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Music playback with Quicktime is choppy, what's wrong?
This seems to be a problem with the Quicktime plug-in on Windows systems. Even fast connections may suffer from a pause in playback at the beginning. However once the entire clip is loaded you can rewind it and listen to it and it should work. You can also try upgrading Quicktime or using another media player application.

I have a slow connection, how do I save the files to disk?
You can right-click (Apple users hold down the Apple-key while clicking) on the link to open up a menu. The list of options in the menu varies slightly depending on which browser you are using. Generally however selecting an option such as "Save file to disk..." or "Save link target as..." will open a dialog that allows you to save the files to your very own hard-drive.

I have a question not listed here...
You can email the webmaster about a problem that you think is related to the site. If you're having trouble with your system more commonly, you should contact your tech support first. :) The webmaster's contact info can be found on the main page.